ON-Demand Remote Office Space

Avoid being anchored to the office (coffee shop)  Abundant power & connectivity AWeights you @ more inspirational spaces


Just Bring Your Laptop. We'll Take Care of The Rest!

Simply Autonomous

1. Geo-Locate your space (Via App)

Precisely locate your AWeigh space at the location and Zone you have selected via the AWeigh app. [Pilot location:  La Jolla Shores, CA]

2. Plug-In & Enjoy

Enjoy your AWeigh session and Hidden Innovations.

3. Walk AWeigh

At the end of your session or when done simply indicate your departure through the AWeigh app and simply walk away!

And return to experience continuous innovations.

about aweigh

Our team

Our team of cyber and digital forensic experts have developed the type of work space required for protecting your interactions with the internet within amazing inspirational spaces.  

The Reason

Professionals and Creatives frequently look for alternate places to work, often much closer to nature, the beach and open spaces. The ability to enjoy these more inspirational spaces is limited by cyber threats and the power left in one or more mobile device connecting them to the Internet.   To these limitations . . . it’s time to get AWeigh!

Our specialties

Creating Secure Inspirational Remote Work Spaces

  1. Lean Six Sigma Operational Excellence
  2. Information Security 
  3. Digital Forensics
  4. Cyber Security 
  5. International Data Privacy

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An AWeigh Location

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed