Cyber Security

As personal and corporate data centers move to the cloud (not stored locally) securely accessing and transferring documents and information is critical.  AWeigh offers you progressive information security options.

Information Security (InfoSec)

Educating and increasing data security awareness is our goal.  No technology exists that is more effective than this first line of defense.

Digital Forensics

We specialize in the digital 1s and 0s (ones and zeros) so you don't  have to.  Computers and mobile devices all tell a story that AWeigh can help you interpret. 

Data Recovery

Who of us does not have an old mobile device, thumb or hard drive with precious data and photographs that we would like to back up or simply access again.  Easy now there's AWeigh. 

International Data Privacy

From where are you accessing information and documents?  Protect yourselves and employees from unintentional violations of domestic and global data privacy laws (i.e., GDPR)

Operational Excellence

At AWeigh we are obsessed with continuous improvement.  With active certifications in project management  and Lean Six Sigma methodologies you'll experience our best.